Update 20.00 – 1/7/20

Functionality Changes:
Updated TSP IRS Maximum: $19,500, $6,500 Catch Up
Updated TSP 10-year Average Rates
Updated L-Fund Rates
Annuity COLA’s:
CSRS: 1.6%
FERS: 1.6%
Added COLA Button to Social Security form
Corrected leap year error on High 3 form

Cosmetic Changes:
Changed installer & icon version to 2020

Update 19.00 – 1/2/19
Functionality Changes:

  1. Corrected error that occurred only when retirement age was the current age, additional year was erroneously being added to certain report pages – Fixed.
  2. Updated TSP IRS Maximum:  $19,000
  3. Annuity COLA’s:
    1. CSRS:  2.8%
    2. FERS:  2%

Cosmetic Changes:

  1. Changed installer & icon version to 2020


Update 18.01 – 6/26/18
Functionality Changes:

  1. Deposit & Redeposit forms: updated variable interest rates
  2. Updated TSP rates of return
  3. Corrected error on Income Analysis form – manual entry of LTC premium
  4. Corrected error on Income Analysis form – FEGLI premium showing in retirement column in scenarios where it shouldn’t be there

Cosmetic Changes:

  1. Recent updates to Windows OS had altered portions of Income Analysis report page (last inflation figures wouldn’t show properly) – fixed.


Update 18.00 – 01/01/2018

  1. TSP IRS maximum increase
  2. TSP 10-year rate cap update
  3. Annuity COLA update


Update 17.01 – 5/25/17

  1. Corrected two forms in the Retirement Analyzer:  Income – Government Sources and Income & Expenses – All Sources.  First year in retirement figures were not reflecting pro-ration.


Update 17.00 – 2/21/17

Functionality Changes:

  1. Changes to Govt Income and Govt Expenses forms and reports. ALL government expenses and income during the first year in retirement are now pro-rated based on the number of months remaining in that year. Was previously only reflecting TSP income as pro-rated, other figures were annual.
  2. Expiration warnings added: at 30 days, 14 days, 7 days and then every day thereafter.
  3. Deposit & Redeposit forms: leap year error corrected
  4. Annuity COLA for 2017 added

Cosmetic Changes:

  1. Corrected typos in reports
  2. TSP Report Pages – Funds now displayed in same order as software and TSP website
  3. Increased font 1 point on FEGLI and Proposed & Delayed Retirement report pages


Update 16.10 – 7/26/16

Functionality Changes:

1)  TSP Annuity –

  • Added functionality to show increase in Increasing Payments option
  • Increased annuity withdrawal age to 90
  • Updated Annuity Factors and Annuity Interest Rate Factors

2)  Added program version verification – user can now click on Program Updates tile on the Home screen to check whether they are running the current version.

3)  Added grid restrictions – rows cannot be deleted

4)  Removed ability to open more than one software application at a time


Cosmetic Changes:

1)  Corrected typos in reports

2)  Changed buttons to show click activity

3)  Page numbering corrected for page spill-overs

4)  Survivor Benefit election added to report page

5)  Changed all bar chart values – now shows each respective value, not cumulative value

6)  Corrections for LTC premiums on Income Analysis & LTC form– will be shown as a monthly figure in chart even when bi-weekly is selected on LTC form

7)  ‘Refresh Client List’ button added to Professional screen – each time a client file is saved, it is added to the bottom of the list. This will re-alphabetize the list & eliminate any duplicates


Update 16.09 – 3/26/16
1) Changed TSP Withdrawal form – consolidated to one withdrawal method.

2) Added ability for user to manually enter a High 3 Average.

3) Corrected xFERS Survivor Benefit issue (not carrying through to other forms and reports).

4) Various other minor/cosmetic issues – no impact to reports or calculations


Update 16.01 – 16.08 – Various Dates
1) Various updates & fixes as needed or known.


Update 16.00 – 1/5/2016
1) New software release.  This requires separate download – activation status should not be impacted.  If you lose your activation, please send another request.

  • Enhanced, User-Friendly Environment
  • 2016 FEGLI Rates
  • TSP Roth Option
  • Full Software Training Tutorials Online


Update 15.06 – 8/20/2015
1) Maintenance Update – no impact on any calculator/analyzer calculations or report pages.
Compatibility modifications made to accommodate Windows 10
All Windows 10 (or later) activations require this update.


Update 15.05 – 4/30/2015

1) Maintenance Update of Professional Client File Transfer Utility:  No impact on any calculator/analyzer calculations or report pages


Update 15.04 – 3/31/2015

1) Maintenance Update:  No impact on any calculator/analyzer calculations or report pages

  • Adjusted software interface with the FedRetireSoftare.com website that is used during software activation.
  • All activations require this update or later update versions when they become available.


Update 15.03 – 2/18/2015

1) TSP Growth Form:

  • Adjusted the maximum allowed Annual Compounded Return Rates (C, F, G, I, and S funds) based on the 10 year Average Annual Returns listed here.

2) Added Client File Backup and Restoration utility (offered to professional users only)

  • Create and store a backup copy of all client files
  • Restore client files if computer crashes
  • Transfer client files to a new computer
  • Transfer client files between two or more computers


Update 15.02 – 1/20/2015

1) TSP Contribution Form:

  • Eliminated $.01 rounding error – TSP Maximum Contribution
  • Eliminated TSP Catch-Up ineligibility due to $.01 rounding error – TSP Maximum Contribution


Update 15.01 – 1/1/2015

1. TSP Contribution Form:

  • Increased IRS Max Contribution Limit from $17,500 to $18,000
  • Increased Max Catch-UP Contribution from $5,500 to $6,000
  • Increased accuracy of Percentage of Total Contribution calculations
  • Increased accuracy of Percent of Salary calculation
  • Increased accuracy of Biweekly Amount calculation

2) FERS Supplement – Social Security Form:

  • Removed FERS Supplement COLA for special provisions retirees


Update 14.06 – 11/11/2014
1) Changed Product Offering to:

  • 14-Day Free Trial (includes all features of the Personal Plus Edition except printing capabilities)
  • Personal Plus EditionNow Requires Activation Code (intended for one user – date of birth cannot be altered)
  • Professional Edition (no limits)


Update 14.05.1 – 7/23/2014
1) Significant Upgrades to the Reports Generator:

  • Hovering Page Preview
  • Ability to Reorder Pages
  • Check All & Clear All Buttons
  • Page Numbering
  • All Disclaimers Enhanced as well as a Stand-Alone TSP Disclaimer Added
  • Ability to Print Directly From Report Creation Page
  • Many more aesthetic changes to enhance user friendliness

2) Corrected failure to re-calculate rates from the print button on the FEGLI form

Update 14.04 – 4/17/2014
1. Replaced the activation request form with a new and improved form.

Note: Decision Support Software, LLC is in the process of upgrading the CSRS-FERS Benefits Calculator and Retirement Analyzer to take advantage of advanced Microsoft technologies that are built on the Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Starting in version 14.04, the CSRS-FERS Benefits Calculator and Retirement Analyze software installer program will check to see if the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is already installed on your computer. If it is not, the installer program will automatically install it for you.

Update 14.03 – 1/20/2014
1. Fixed Run Time Error 9 when attempting to access the Personal PLUS activation request

Update 14.02 – 1/8/2014
1. Changed the Decision Support Software, LLC fax number on the Activation Request Form
2. Added a maximize button on all forms (does not re-size the controls on the forms – just
covers the entire screen)

Update v14.01 – 1/4/2014
1. Updated CSRS and FERS retiree Average COLA Calculations on the Annuity Calculation
2. Updated the TSP IRS max (contribution) label from 2013 to 2014 on the TSP Contributions
form. No change in the $17,500 IRS max contribution from 2013 to 2014.

Upgrade v14.00 – 12/31/2013

1. See Features Page

Update v13.11 – 10/23/2013
1. Modified the Reports Generator: Disclaimer page in the Professional Edition to comply
with FINRA requirements

Update v13.10 – 10/23/2013
1. Removed the problem that caused the following error message to appear under certain
conditions when running the Reports Generator ==> Life Insurance ==> Summary report
page, “Insufficient data to run this analysis. Go to the FEGLI form and enter data ending
at or after age 70.”

Update v13.09 – 7/2/2013
1. Professional users only: rarely an email failure message appears when attempting to send
an email (Professional ==> Client Data ==> Client Data File Operations) to a professional
colleague that contains instructions on how to retrieve a client folder. The software now
provides a short, simple procedure to bypass this problem.

Update v13.08 – 6/4/2013
1. Modified the Retirement Affordabilty Analyzer – Expense From Other Sources form to
remove latent chart image from previous client data.

Update v13.07 – 6/2/2013
1. Modified several report pages to refine the FEGLI Expense Calculation of an individual
retiring in the same year the report is created.

Update v13.06 – 2/23/2013
1. ATC CSRS annuity calculation changed in v13.04 update was not in accordance
with https://www.fedretiresoftware.com/pdfs/cpmsretireguidance.pdf, page 48.
ATC CSRS annuity calculation in v13.03 (and earlier versions) was correct and was
reinstalled in this update.

Update v13.05 – 2/22/2013
1. Corrected failure to calculate expense at age 90 on various Retirement Affordability
Analyzer forms

Update v13.04 – 2/7/2013
1. Fixed ATC CSRS annunity calculation error
2. Modified Customer ID generation code – Professional only

Update v13.03 – 12/10/2012
1. Minor changes
No impact to: data, forms, and report pages

Update v13.02 – 12/02/2012
1. Fixed LTC data storage location
No impact to: data, forms, and report pages

Update v13.01 – 12/01/2012
1. Minor changes
No impact to: data, forms, and report pages

Upgrade v13.00 – 11/04/2012

Update v12.05- 7/12/2012
1. Corrected spelling of ‘eligible’ on the Annuity ==> Annuity Calculation form
No impact to: data, forms, and report pages

Update v12.04 – 7/11/2012
1. Adjusted spreadsheet on FEGLI form to accommodate calculation of retirement
in current year
2. Fixed Deposit form failure to save CSRS data under certain conditions
3. Fixed Redeposit form failure to save CSRS data under certain conditions
4. Deposit and Redeposit penalties for CSRS are now reported on the:
Annuity ==> Annuity Calculation form, and the
Retirement Affordability Analyzer ==> Expenses from Government Sources form

Update v12.03 – 4/30/2012
1. Added Redeposit form
2. Added TSP Annuity form
3. Added TSP Annuity Interest Rate Index look-up function
4. Upgraded Form Help
5. Updated the Variable Interest Rates table for the Deposit/Redeposit calculations
6. Added decimal input on the Annuity form – Estimated High 3 Increase per year field
7. Fixed valid date checking on all forms
8. Fixed labels on the TSP Contributions form

Update v12.02 – 1/14/2012
1. Fixed labels on Military form
2. Fixed birth date display on LTC form

Update v12.01 – 1/10/2012
1. Added new sample case for professional users
2. Fixed bug in sick leave calculation

Upgrade v12.00 – 1/1/2012
1. Added Professional-Gold Edition
2. Added Professional-Platinum Edition
3. Added a New, Custom Report for Professional-Platinum only
4. Added Deposit form
5. Updated Deposit form Calculations
6. Updated FEGLI rates for 2012
7. Updated TSP Max Contribution rate for 2012 – $17,000 (was $16,500 in 2011)
8. Updated the Average CSRS and FERS COLA Rates
9. Updated the Variable Interest Rate Table for Deposit and Redeposit Calculations

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