about us

The first program version was developed in 1999 by a former civil servant who discovered that there were no "one-stop" retirement benefits resources for Federal Employees. The software was born out of a personal necessity and that led to the realization that others needed this information also.

As word spread, financial professionals, Federal Employees and Federal HR Departments began using the software. Along the way, many Federal Employees, Federal Benefits Specialists and Certified Financial Planners have generously contributed their time and expertise to help to make it what it is today.

Today, we carry on in the same vein - to serve the Federal Employee.

We believe we accomplish this by providing an accurate, one-stop resource where employees can educate themselves and financial professionals can educate their Federal Employee clients about their unique and complex retirement benefits.

Hopefully, we can be one cog in the wheel of their financial literacy education and planning a successful retirement.

We wish all Federal Employees a happy & successful retirement!