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CSRS Offset
FERS (includes RAE & FRAE)
FERS Transfer
MRA +10
Regular (Voluntary)
Early Out - VERA (Optional)
Special Provisions (Mandatory)
Federal Employees
Postal Employees
Law Enforcement Officers
Air Traffic Controllers
One-click earliest retirement date estimate
Estimate future creditable service time
Estimate sick leave service time
Military service time - option to recalculate SCD
Estimate High 3 average at retirement
Option to manually enter High 3
Estimate deposit, costs & penalties
Estimate redeposit, costs & penalties
Estimate monthly & annual annuity
Survivor Benefit: election options, benefits & costs
Estimate accumulated costs of survivor benefit
Estimate DELAYED retirement annuities (not Deferred)
Estimate COLA increases in retirement
Estimate FERS Supplement
Detailed entries for: Existing Savings, Contributions (including govt match & catch up), Rates of Return & Withdrawal Age
Detailed Estimates for Contributions, Growth (including compound interest) & Withdrawal
Compare affects of changing TSP fund allocations
Growth impacts from compound interest
All TSP withdrawal options
Estimate FEGLI benefits & costs: Basic, Options A, B & C
Estimate FEHB costs - Monthly, Annually, Accumulative
Estimate benefits & costs of FLTCIP
Outside sources of income
Income comparison from last 30 days of work vs first 30 days in retirement
Salary, Annuity, FERS Supplement, Social Security, TSP
Living Expenses - Summarized or Itemized
Retirement Penalties, Survivor Benefit, FEGLI, FEHB, LTC, Taxes
Income & Expense Comparisons
50+ page Retirement Benefits Analysis Report (link to the sample report at bottom of Home page)
Printing Capabilities
Cover Page Customization - Company Name, Agent Name & Information
Custom Footers - Company Name, Agent Name & Agent Phone Number
Custom Disclaimers
Save user-defined report pages
Fact Finder - all data required by the program, in the order it is entered
Email client files between users of the software
On-screen prompts to guide data entry
Data entry limited to one user (DOB entry)
Unlimited client file creation
Web-based option available
Assign & revoke user privileges
Maintain control of all assigned users data for quality control & client data retention
Administrative oversight of assigned users
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