Our Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Data entered into the program falls into two separate categories.  Regarding both categories, you can rest assured that we don’t share or sell your information with anyone.  Ever.

  1. Licensing: Your name and personal details entered to license/activate the program.  We do not share or sell your email address or any personal information provided by you.
  2. Data Entry:  Data you enter into the program to estimate federal benefits.  We do not store, monitor, collect or have access to data saved to Google Drive.

Personal Information
When you register, we will ask you for your name, email address, and contact information.  You will also be asked to select a user name and password.

We use your email address to confirm your subscription, user name & password and to provide customer service.  Your name is also used to personalize your reports generated by the system.

We use your email address to notify you about any new functions or changes to the software as well as impending renewals.  You have the option to opt out of these email notifications.

Financial Information
To use our federal benefits estimation software, certain details of personal financial data are required.  This includes data such as annual income, investment assets, anticipated retirement expenses, anticipated social security payments and expected values of future assets such as the sale of a home or business.  This personal financial information will be used by our software to estimate your federal benefits now and throughout retirement but it is not stored anywhere on our server or within the program.

Your Consent
By using our website & software, you consent to the collection and limited use of the information as described above by FedRetireSoftware LLC.  Should we make any changes to our Privacy Policy we will disclose those changes on this page for your review.

You also acknowledge that FedRetireSoftware LLC can use aggregated data from its users and subscribers to better understand our user base and/or to research potential changes in content and services.  FedRetireSoftware LLC may use this collective information for product research or marketing demographics but any such information will never be disclosed, sold or distributed to a third party where such information could ever indicate directly or indirectly any individual’s financial information.

It’s Your Data
We view customer data as our customers’ private property and take all reasonable steps to maintain its privacy while only collecting information we absolutely need.

We don’t provide individual customer data to third parties nor do we aggregate customer data and provide such results to third parties.
We only examine the data of a customer upon their explicit request for customer support in their use of our software.
We don’t require Social Security Numbers or any account numbers.
The data that you enter into the software that is run for personal use or as an advisor running reports for individuals can be saved on either Google Drive (web) or the c:/ drive (desktop).
FedRetireSoftware LLC does not have nor will it ever have any access to any personal information (beyond what is obtained during licensing) or data that is entered into the software for estimation of benefits.

How our software works and how data is stored:
FedRetireSoftware LLC offers a federal benefits estimator/calculator for Personal and Professional use.

Personal Use – Personal PLUS Edition
Federal employees using the software for personal use can enter personal data into the software program and save that data to Google Drive (web) or the c:/ drive (desktop).  All data that is entered into the calculator is completely private from FedRetireSoftware LLC and any 3rd party affiliates.

If a personal user explicitly asks to be put in contact with a financial professional for assistance with their federal benefits retirement planning, their personal contact information will be given to a financial profession trained in federal benefits.  Again, this would only happen at the direction of and with explicit consent from the user.

Professional Use – Professional Edition

Financial advisors using our Professional version of the software will have the same option to save their client’s data to Google Drive (web) or the c:/ drive (desktop).  This personal information is completely secure and private.  FedRetireSoftware LLC and any affiliates will not have access to this data unless shared by the user.